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Victor Levy | Author | Writer| Life Is Setting Me Up For Success| Book | Success| Coaching | Workshops | Yoga Teacher

Stress never happens because something happens.

It only happens because you do not know how to handle your mind.


In my keynote speeches, I narrow in on how the way we look at life is the way we experience it. I reframe the subconscious mind that drives behavior to give a new perspective that allows you to live from anxiety and limitation to joy and freedom corporate leadership.


I tailer each keynote speech to fit the direct needs of your attendees.

The topics covered include:

  • How life is setting me up for success 

  • How your subconscious programming controls your life

  • The difference between psychological and physical fear

  • How to access your intelligence

  • Infinite vs. finite games in business 

  • How to live in a world of full possibilities

  • How to leverage stress and anxiety into the professional world 



For all inquiries about speaking engagements, up-and-coming workshops, and podcast requests below:

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