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How can you win in business? The company that makes more revenue wins? Or maybe the one that makes more profit? Or perhaps the one that has more employees? Or it could be the one that sells more. Also, what time frame are you using to measure your sales, profits, or revenue in a span of a year? Five years? Ten? The metric you choose to measure your success or failure is arbitrary because you are making up your own rules. These questions arise because of finite thinking. If in your company you hear phrases like, “I wish you realize your potential” you are making a big mistake because your potential is infinite. Infinite thinking compounds the outcome of your actions.


"You are the source of your own abundance."
                  -Victor Levy

Subconscious Engineering Corporate Program

Two-Hour Workshop: Infinite Mindset

In this workshop Victor inspires Corporate Leadership, improves performance, and eliminates employee burnout by explaining the functions of the mind, incorporating leaders with an infinite mindset, and creating a unified relationship between all positions.  


  • Whatever you are scared of is based on a lie: 

  1. Explaining the human condition, how the brain works, and why people experience


  1. The difference between physical and psychological fear

  2. Fear is so boring

  3. Understanding the illusion of fear


  • Resistance is suffering


      1.  Have you ever noticed how you talk to yourself, clients, or boss?

      2.  Why does anxiety happen?

      3.   Where is the past, where is the future?


  • Life is an infinite game

  1. Infinite vs. finite mentality

  2. Business and relationships are an infinite game

  3. The myth about goal-setting

  4. I hope you never realize your potential

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