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The way you experience life is how you relate to everything around you. When you want to change something in your life, you usually attempt to change your actions. You constantly struggle to change your actions because you do not understand why you act the way you do. Let’s analyze how it actually works: Results come from actions. Actions come from thoughts. Thoughts come from feelings. Feelings come from how you relate to the world. How you relate to the world comes from your subconscious programming. When you only try to change your actions, you are working so hard to be the best version of your limited self. 


"You cannot create the life you want by trying to fix the life you do not want."
                                -Victor Levy

Subconscious Engineering Program

Happiness, joy, and freedom are your nature. It does not take years to experience what you already are.The Subconscious Engineering program is a Wellnes Coaching features personalized one-on-one sessions where Victor helps you quickly identify and dissolve the constraints of your subconscious mind by reverse engineering the programs holding you back. 

Week One

Uncover your subconscious limitations. 

(approx. 1-2 hours)


Week Two

Transcend and rewire your programming 

(approx. 45 min- 1 hour)


Week Three

Access your full intelligence with the new perspective to create the life you want

(approx. 45 min- 1 hour)


Week Four 

Closing session

(approx. 15-20 min)

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